Kinsey Pink

Welcome to this (as of yet) unexplored part of your world; I’m tickled that you decided to join me here

My name is Kinsey Pink and I’d like to be inspire you

You don’t have to know exactly what you’re looking for yet because I feel confident that together, we will unearth all kinds of delights

I’m a worldly creature, sensuous and carnal by nature, very curious and always evolving, with one hell of a curriculum vitae spanning several incarnations

I’m a bit of a shapeshifter, which has given me access to a wide variety of experiences not usually reserved for just one person

I’ve been an object of adoration for many, regardless of gender or assumed sexual preference & I offer unparalleled affection in return

I love being able to seduce across the spectrum


I live in NYC and am available worldwide with the right kind of planning

Everything you need to know about meeting me (including rates and screening) is right here


I’m a very petite five feet even, and I take testosterone to enhance my entire lived experience

What you see is what you get - I update my photos regularly and do not alter the shape of my body


Consider these short, smutty original films as tiny love letters to all the fetishists of the world

I have an exceptional oral fixation, a lot of practice with a strap on and enjoy giving golden showers